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Manufacturing development based on the processing of hemp seed

As part of the subproject, a low-capacity oil press and a handicraft dough (pasta) plant will be expanded in Géberjén. A handicraft textile workshop and shop are being developed in Veľký Horeš, Slovakia. In addition to expanding the capacity of processing plants, the goal is to produce and market new products.

The affected settlements are located in one of the cumulatively disadvantaged micro-regions of the program area. There are limited job opportunities in the settlements, therefore the emigration of young people is typical, the age structure is poor, the proportion of educated people is low and unemployment is high.

Expected results of the subproject:

• new jobs are created,

• the production of new products (eg food industry, cosmetics) starts in Géberjén,

• production of a unique production line suitable for the processing of industrial hemp

• production of unique bags of natural material in Nagygéres

Project details

Project name, ID:

Production development based on hemp seed processing (SKHU / 1802 / 3.1 / 019 - FUTURE IN HEMP - SEED)

Lead beneficiary: Szatmár Nektárja Service and Sales Nonprofit Ltd., Géberjén

Partners in the implementation of the project:

PRC Invest Kft.

Csizmadia Tímea-Júlia is a sole proprietor, Nagygéres