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The fiber hemp industry is booming in China

China's Heilongjiang province will harvest 40,000 acres of hemp in 2021. The government is increasing the development of high-tech solutions in the hemp textile production capital of the world.


The advatages of hemp textiles

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable organic fibers, which is an excellent raw material for outerwear. Hemp clothing has three times the tensile strength of cotton. It can easily be mixed with other fibers to create a hemp-hybrid material. Thus, the material retains the strength of hemp fibers while adding the comfort of softer, more refined fabrics.


New technology in hemp textile production

Hydrogen Link has developed a unique technology for processing natural fibers using proprietary catalytic advanced oxidation. The new technology is based on a treatment involving catalytic reactions with H2O2 hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely environmentally friendly chemical because it breaks down into water and oxygen.


Hemp as a feed supplement

It is not just about the use of hemp seed as feed, which is widely known to be used as food for fish, poultry, but also for racing pigeons, but the utilization of the foliage in pelletized form. This can be supplementary food for horses and similar large herbivores, but also for rabbits, which is proven to make them healthier.


What is a hemp house?

A hemp house is built using hemp concrete, a chemical-free, natural building material. It is one of the most sustainable construction technologies, since not only does the hemp plant bind carbon dioxide during its growth, but also the chemical reactions taking place in the walls of the house, which are associated with solidification, bind carbon dioxide. Hemp concrete has an ÉMI permit (construction industry technical permit) in Hungary.


How can hemp cean polluted soil?

After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, hemp was also used in Italy for its phytoremediation properties to remove heavy metals from a contaminated area.


Ukrainian hemp industrial park

It could be an excellent partnership opportunity if the Ukrainian hemp complex becomes a reality: