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Road links development between Nagygéres (HU) and Veľký Horeš (SK)

Nagyrozvágy and Nagygéres are located on both sides of the Hungarian-Slovak border. Nagyrozvágy is located in the Bodrogközi district, while Nagygéres belongs to the Tőkerebes district in Slovakia. The area is struggling with a lack of north-south road connections. The above missing border connection forces the population of the two settlements to bypass. By building the road between the two settlements, direct interoperability between Nagyrozvágy and Nagygéres will be realized.

The direct result of the project is a 4.3 km long cross-border road, of which 1925 m is a 2x1 lane section on the Hungarian side; 2.3 km A new road section with 2x1 lanes will be built on the Slovak side. The primary beneficiaries of the entire new road section are the population, school-age students and employees of the two municipalities.

Indirect beneficiaries: enterprises, farmers and suppliers, carriers (with 3.5 weight limit), public institutions, service sector.

Positive benefits of the road section under construction:

• By eliminating the 20-20 km east and west bypasses that take 20-30 minutes, travel distance, travel times, and travel costs are reduced.

• Road loads on bypasses and the risk of accidents are reduced.

Project details

Project name, ID:

Road construction between Nagygéres and Nagyrozvágy (SKHU / 1802 / 3.1 / 008 - Hemp road)

Lead beneficiary: NIF National Infrastructure Development Private Limited Company (NIF Zrt.)

Partner in the implementation of the project:

Municipality of Obec Veľký Horeš