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Magyar Gazda

  • 2023. 02. 06.

The handover ceremony of the fiber hemp processing plant in Barabás also appeared in the news program Magyar Gazda (Hungarian Farmer).
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Handover of the production hall in Barabás

  • 2023. 02. 01.

On December 1, 2022, the production hall built within the framework of the Barabás investment project, which serves as the venue for processing industrial fiber hemp, was handed over.
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Sewing factory handover event in Kassa (Kosice)

  • 2022. 06. 15.

In a ceremonial setting, we handed over the sewing mill in Kassa, which was created as the first investment of the regional action plan 'Future in Hemp'.
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The results of the educational project

  • 2022. 01. 31.

A training program and curriculum development covering almost the entire chain of hemp cultivation and processing was implemented within the framework of the FUTURE IN HEMP – KNOW-HOW project.
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Workshop in Géberjén

  • 2021. 11. 18.

The second expert meeting of the regional action plan entitled 'The future is built on the past. Cross-border economic development based on the processing of industrial hemp' was held on 10 November, 2021.
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Project kick-off event in Karos

  • 2021. 09. 17.

A project kick-off event was held within the framework of the 'Future in Hemp' action plan on September 15 in Karos.
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Workshop in Nagykapos (Veľké Kapušany)

  • 2021. 07. 30.

A workshop related to the training program of the action plan was organized by the Research Institute for National Strategy on July 28, 2021.
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Development of training programs

  • 2021. 07. 02.

A workshop was held on June 23, 2021 within the framework of the Manufacturing Industry Employment Knowledge-Sharing Program, where the goal was to develop vocational training programs for the processing of industrial hemp.
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The future is built on the past

  • 2021. 05. 11.

With the coordination of the Research Institute for National Strategy, the cross-border development project for the reconstruction of the industrial hemp economy in the Carpathian Basin has been launched.
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