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The future is built on the past

Hemp economy in the Carpathian Basin

  • 2021. 05. 11.

With the coordination of the Research Institute for National Strategy, the cross-border development project for the reconstruction of the industrial hemp economy in the Carpathian Basin: 'The future is built on the past. Cross-border economic development based on the processing of industrial hemp (FUTURE IN HEMP)' has been launched.

The comprehensive Territorial Action Plan (TAPE, SKHU/1703/3.1/040), launched within the framework of the INTERREG Slovakia-Hungary program (http://www.skhu.eu/), covering six connected project elements, is supported by the European Union and the Government of Hungary with a total of EUR 7.012 million.

At the press conference on October 8, 2021 aimed at presenting the project package, Mr György Molnár, the Research Institute for National Strategy's Development Director, introduced the initiative of which this project is an important milestone.

You can read more about the press conference on the following website: http://nski.hu/a-jovo-a-multra-epul-karpat-medencei-kendergazdasag.html